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   This is me and Diane Stump. She is the home health nurse that comes in to change the dressing on my left arm where I have the PICC Lines inserted. My wife, Tammy, calls her the "female Mike March", which might explain why her and I get along so well.

   She has become a part of our family in only a few short weeks, or a few months. Diane is one of those rare people that can size up the situation, totally ignore etiquette and just speaks her mind. I enjoy folks like that, plus, she can dish out as well as take it.

   I do wish we would have met 10 years earlier. Both Tammy and I really enjoy her company, and as a home health nurse, we have had three come over, and ALL of them are great people, but Tammy and I enjoy Diane, more than any other nurse.

   I feel very blessed to have met Diane, and she put me at ease when she told me regardless of all else, she will be with us until the end. That put Tammy at ease, and put me at ease as well. That is a lot to ask of a person, be there to watch you die, and I never asked, she just told us she would be there till the end. That is the type of person Diane is.

   We are so very blessed to have her in our lives.

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