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   This is a picture of a picture hanging in the hallway that takes you to the "cafegymatorium" in the Winchester Contact Center. This is the group from Winchester that was awarded for the work we did while added more seating in both buildings in Winchester. This was for work done in 2015, and this award ceremony took place in January or February of 2016 just a few days or weeks after I was given 6-12 months. I remember having a hard time keeping it together which is why I was sorta hiding in this picture.

   In the front row, far left, is Tony Gallardy. At the time he was the Deputy CIO for Navy Federal Credit Union. Tony and I go back 40 years all the way to riding the school bus together and we had a few classes together as well. We were able to sit down for a little while after lunch and talked about life and a lot of stuff that had nothing to do with work. Tony is still the stand up guy I got to know 40 years ago.

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