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   This is what the "Mike and his Peter" Bobblehead will look like. This is NOT the final version but it is very close. The head you see here was too small, and that will be the only difference.

   There are currently only 40 being ordered and at this time ONLY members of the 2017 Skyline Gaggle of Noobs may buy one. After all of the members have been given a chance to buy one, they will then be offered to sale to anyone that wants to purchase one, member or not.

   The Price is $40. ALL Proceeds from the sale of this and all other Skyline Gaggle Merchandise goes to benefit our own "Winchester / Frederick County, VA Bikes for Tykes Charity".

   In case you were not aware, the Skyline Gaggle of Noobs is the Fund Raising Team of Skyline Paintball and Laser Tag. This Christmas we want to purchase 200 bikes and bikes helmets, and various ride-on toys for underprivileged children in our area.

   As of now, our only source of income is through donations, or by selling our Gaggle Merchandise. Rest assured no one in the Skyline Gaggle takes a penny of the proceeds and we do our best to keep prices reasonable but we still need to make a little money to be able to buy the 200 bikes we want to get during the 2017 Christmas Season.

   So you can start your purchase now, and when we take delivery of the first 40, we will start shipping them out, or letting you know how to pick yours up. They will most likely be at our World HQ which is also the Laser Tag Warehouse in Winchester.

   We hope you will purchase one of these items to remember Mike with and to help the Skyline Gaggle meet its goal of 200 "Bikes For Tykes" during the 2017 Christmas Holiday Season.

   Thank you for your support and for caring enough to help us, help the kids. May God bless you and all others that donate time, money, energy and effort to help the kids in their own community.

   Until Further Notice these bobbleheads are only available to Members of the 2017 Skyline Gaggle of Noobs. You can, however, do both. You can buy a Bobblehead, and join or renew your Skyline Gaggle Membership.
Mike and his Peter Bobblehead
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