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283 Days
Journal entry by Michael March — 10/13/2016

   An interesting thing that has popped up recently. I have been asked to get involved with another cancer related web site. I found this site and started reading what other patients are posting, and I setup an account and just starting sharing my thoughts and view points. One of the Admins asked if I would be willing to help out and keep posting my insights, and helping folks that need someone to respond, someone that is simply there. Now I am helping others that are dealing with Cancer for the first time, or even the 5th time. And I really do enjoy it and I think it also helps me as much as I might be helping others.

   I think I bring a unique point of view to things and so far, there has been some rather nice feedback. But, I think any cancer patient can offer advice and should. I know there are millions out there that either have had cancer or are fighting it right now, and the millions that have survived it, need to offer a hand when asked.

   October 13 (Today) is the 2nd anniversary of my last radiation treatment for the HPV Throat Cancer I fought between July 2014 and January 2015. I got bad news today from the friend I made while going through my treatment. He went in for a yearly check up, and they found "something" on the scans. That is about as much as they know as of now, and the HopDocs will monitor the area for another month before deciding their next move.

   With any luck, if it is back, it will be treatable. This might lead to surgery for him, but it sure as hell beats this being inoperable.

   My biggest disappointment, so far, is how little the the "old timers" have reached out and asked to come for a visit, or to chat via FB or texts or whatever. I thought more would but for the most part, it's folks that are supporters of the team more than anyone else. I jut thought I would have had a few more stop by to, talk, laugh, and do that sort of stuff. Maybe I was expecting too much again. I dunno. Maybe it is the election. Who knows.

   With each passing day, I feel just a little bit worse, more tired than the day before, and my body just hurts a tad bit more. However, I can't complain. It has been 283 days since I was given 6-12 months to live, and I beat the low end of the estimate and I plan on living at least another 85 days to be able to say I beat the time estimate I was given.

   Today was another Chemo Treatment day. Thankfully it was a normal treatment day, and not the start of a new series. That comes with the bag of chemo I wear for 4 straight days and which has slowly become a much worse experience. However, these normal days are "okay".

   They start off the treatments with a liquid nap, Benadryl, in a drip, so I mainly do a lot of sleeping, or at least napping. Tammy normally runs errands or chats with other family members of the other patients. I can honestly say most of the patients are napping.

   Anyway, today should have been just the second anniversary of my last EVER cancer treatment, but it was so much more. Most people know I am fighting cancer for the very last time, and each day is a precious spin of the clock. I will most likely never see another October 13 unless I am the winner of that one in a Gabillion lucky chance, and I beat terminal cancer.

   I am starting to close down the web sites I have had online since 1997 or so, and putting the finishing touches on some picture videos and stuff like that. I feel like I need to focus on things only I can get done before it's too late. Hopefully when I'm gone more folks show up at the memorial to help me raise money for the very last time.

   It's always about tomorrow, no matter how few or many one might have. Tomorrows end, and yesterdays never stop. Enjoy your tomorrows.

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