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Great Day 1: More to come.
Journal entry by Michael March — 6/3/2016

The post I made on Facebook was not the full post I wrote. This is what I meant to post on Facebook. I have so many letters and e-mails I am writing at the same time, I am starting to lose my place. I know you will understand.

Today has been a great day among many bad days to come........

We were able to wrangle half of our fish out of the pond with the help of my sister Christine and brother in-law Tony, with my mother offering guidance. That lifted such a burden from my own head, it goes without saying I appreciate the help my family offered today. I love you all more than you possible known.

Then, while getting the fish to the Winchester Aquarium store, my wife found someone that was a fish person. He has just purchased a lot of new equipment at the Winchester Aquarium store, and my wife asked him if he needed fish.

Long story short, both 125 gallon fish tanks I have been asking folks to just take, have now been claimed. I am over the moon with how things work out. This gentleman lost his wife to cancer two years ago, and he got into the fish thing to help fill his time, take some energy and to help recover from the loss.

Nothing would help me more, mentally, than to be able to help someone else going through what Tammy will go through soon enough. It works out great. He wants the tanks to keep himself busy, his son also is into fish, and Tammy was worried she would be stuck with something she was not skilled or passionate with. Both sides of the equation has worked out.

I found out his granddaughter broke her arm just last night, he asked for a few weeks to get everything done, I told him he had all the time he needed, and just knowing they were going to someone that cared, matters more than anything else. Then I suggested he send some get well requests around the world for his Granddaughter. When some come back, a little 6 year old would have the Heirloom of a lifetime to share forever. Say, a letter hoping she recovers from the broken arm, from the Queen of England. He loved the idea, and I will help him get that done for his granddaughter. ( I think things like that are easy to do, and they make a lifetime of memories for kids that get these things, or families that hold on to them as a memory. )

I of course handed out Gaggle of Noobs stuff, gave him my card, and talked about how he could join to help the children. He seemed like the sort of person I would have been easy friends with and we shared a little common bond. He used to work with us "Hired Guns" at DynCorp overseas. We could have passed paths at the Embassies I was at during construction. And he works at the Corp of Engineers around the corner. Then I mentioned NCFU and maybe he could join.

Susan Robertson came over for a nice long visit, and it was so nice to see her again and catch up on how she is doing. She is always such a positive person, and has become a great friend over the past 16 months. She is also not afraid to look me in the eyes, call me a few choice words, explain why I am worse than that, and at least she does it with a smile. I admire her ambition and her ability to see the big picture. I have missed our conversations in the evenings at NFCU.

We also took a few Gaggle pictures of a bunch of Gaggle Of Noobs Paintball Jerseys on Members of Supporters. They were taken with an old iPad, so they are not great, but I hope we can get a HUGE picture of everyone that has a Gaggle of Noobs Paintball Jersey all at one time. I nice frame able picture. So, find your jerseys, and let's figure out a day to get it done. Or be willing to hand over your jersey so someone else can wear it fur a group picture.

I count my blessings for days like this, a family like this, and friends like this. Not to mention, I put a smile on the face of a man I just met, that lost his wife to cancer. He put a smile on Tammy's face for the same reason, and I was here to see it.

Another memory has found a home in my Bucket List of Memories.

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