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Journal entry by Michael March — 2/12/2016

My tests came back and the results were within the guidelines needed for the clinical study at Johns Hopkins. I start the treatments on February 19 in Baltimore, MD.

I promised myself I would remain open, honest and truthful when I post things while going through this treatment process. I want everyone to understand, the truth is sometimes sad, ugly, depressing and often funny as hell. So please, just hang in there. Remember, I'm still Mike March, and you all know, more or less, what that comes with. Relax, laugh and please, have a little fun.

The "Process" starts now.......

This has already started to keep me up at night. This is when things get real and once the process starts it will not stop until an end has been reached. One way or another, it simply does not end without something being declared the winner. Me or the cancer. One of us has to win, and one of us will not. The gloves go back on in a week.

People approach me at work and mention how I amaze them with my attitude, and how uplifting the words I write are, and how touched they feel upon reading them. I am also told they feel honored I invited them to be a part of this journey. I appreciate all of the kind words, but understand I need you all much more than you need me.

I have never been this concerned or apprehensive in my life. Honestly, I am petrified this time around. I need your help, now more than ever. Just be yourself around me, because I am scared enough for both of us but I can't be me, unless you stay you.

I hope February 19 is the start of seeing a new horizon for myself that is further away than January 5, 2017. If it is not, then I want to hit a goal that is within my reach before having to put it in the hands of others. Everyone knows what that goal is. If you don't, that is okay too. Just ask almost anyone else and they will tell you. Then help meet that goal, whether I am here or not, I want to hit that goal.

So, in conclusion, YOU amaze me. YOU inspire me. YOU give me strength. YOU mean the world to me, and for the most part, YOU all are my world. With each class of newbies being hired, and people asking for help, I simply get more strength from the new friends I make each day. If there was ever a position of "Cruise Director" at WCC, I think I would be perfect, but anyway......

The 3rd round starts in 7 days. Who's with me?

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