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2-9-16: Partial Results
Journal entry by Michael March — 2/9/2016

With any luck, the results of some of today's four appointments and the tests, at Johns Hopkins, will determine if I am totally accepted into the clinical trial. We should know by Friday. If everything comes back good, I will start the first round the following Friday at Johns Hopkins.

According to the doctors and the clinicians, each dose of this trial drug is $40,000. It also is part of the same drug family given to former President Carter. There is some promise seen with the use of this type of drug on other cancers, and part of the trial is to see if it shows the same type of promise on the type I have. We were told after taking the drug for up to two years, some have shown no cancer remaining. SO, there is promise. The drug is given once a month and the patient is scanned every third month or so. I should have paid more attention, and taken notes, but I had been up the night before. Once my results are back in, and I am taken into the trial, I will have more precise information.

Trish, the Clinical Research Nurse, gave us more information about the trials, some of the promising results that have been seen with other types of cancers, without getting ahead of ourselves, it could increase my life by a few more years.

However, until we know I am in, the best we can do is keep our fingers crossed, and keep praying for good things to happen.

That is where things stand right now. The prognosis is still 6 months to a year, but with a little luck and a promising trial, I might yet make it to retirement from NFCU. I would like to think I will be fortunate enough to make it, but will accept whatever the good Lord sees fit to give me.

Hopefully this is good news without too much unwarranted hope. In my own mind, the next waypoint is on the Ides of March. I should be a month into the trial, and getting ready to see how things are going. The cancer could actually appear as if it is spreading, but that would be the normal response with this type of drug. The follow up to the second or third dose, will be more meaningful.

However, that is during the time period a few other trial participants passed away. This will be interesting.

Just know, I appreciate each and every one of you that are taking time away from your own lives to keep up with what I am going through and you should know, it means a lot to me to know there are people from all stages of my life keeping tabs on this.

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