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The End Of The Beginning
Journal entry by Michael March — 2/8/2016

We met with my attorney today to make sure my will was in order and I had many questions answered. I needed to make sure what I wanted to happen happens. So, that is taken care of. Tomorrow is a different story.

We got the call from Johns Hopkins this morning. I have been approved for a clinical trial and will be at the hospital tomorrow morning for 4 appointments starting at 10:30AM and ending after a 12:30PM Scan appointment. Then, hopefully a plan is put in place, or at least I am given the options and allowed to let it sink in, and then flip a coin if it comes to it.

I think the end of the beginning is upon us. The start of the middle ocean portion of my journey is beginning. This will be the longest and best documented part of the journey which will slowly, maybe, come down to a single word post or something dictated. Or possibly a simple "Good Bye".

As this week unfolds, and I learn what each step is or when it starts, I will do my best to keep those that want to know, updated here. So, please visit often, set your notifications to get notices sent and I promise not to go overboard with posting. I will be adding more pictures, so bear with that as well.

I think the exciting part is starting... I really do.

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