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Sleep, the latest enemy.
Journal entry by Michael March — 2/6/2016

Sleep is no longer coming easy. I am still experiencing time slowing down.

   I remain puzzled as to why I am still interested with learning things, and with expanding something that will most likely not outlive me, and it is interesting trying to figure out what I can do even when I am no longer here.

   That fills my mind a lot these days. This is truly an interesting phase of life and I feel blessed to have the chance to explore all it has to offer. So many simply do not. They just go to bed, and pass away in their sleep, or die suddenly and without warning.

   I'm glad I am not missing these mental gymnastics I find myself doing all of the time. Maybe this is the gift I feel like I have been given, without actually knowing what it was I was supposed to see.

   And yet, sleep no longer comes easy. In a way, I'm glad it can wait. I don't want to miss this time of life for the world.
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