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   Well it's back and it has spread. The HPV Cancer in my throat was successfully beaten, but it has spread to both lungs and I have a fight on my hands that will eventually end with me losing.

   This time it is terminal. As of January 5, 2016 I have 6 - 12 months to live, but if things go better than usual, I could be given more time. Either way, this time it's a killer.

   During the last phase of my life, I hope to post most of what is going on, what is in my head and some thoughts, on my newly opened site. I also will be posting to a private closed group on Facebook. The Facebook page is where I will post an unknown number of pictures and everyone else can too. I was going to use my own blog, but I just do not have time to work out the wrinkles, and since the entire world uses Facebook, and many already use, that is where things will take place.

    So, just click this link and you will get there. More or less. It will stay there after I go, and at some point in the future folks will just sort of wonder off. Then this site "Mikes Web Spot" which has been online since 1995 or 1996 will come to an end when the hosting company stops getting paid, and it slowly goes offline after more than 20 years.

   I'm a realist if I am anything. I know we all must die, it's one of the things that makes us human. So our time is short when compared to a lot of things around us, and we really should make the most of each day, and sadly, few of us really do. However, that also makes us human.

   Many may look back and say "Mike was a fighter", "He put up a good fight", "He gave it his all" and other things like that. I of course appreciate all of what will be said, and would appreciate all the kindness given to my wife, and my family and even my friends.

   I firmly believe the most we can leave can only be left for a short time, because life does move forward and people end up remembering you for being gone so many months, then years then for some, decades. Life just keeps moving forward and that is also what makes us human.

   I spent my life the way I wanted to, with the folks I wanted to spend it with. I picked up a lot of friends, more than my share of enemies, and I never held a grudge, (I was just Italian enough in that sense - holding a grudge comes naturally to us), was easy to talk to, and if you wanted to hear the truth, you just had to ask.

   I hope family and friends think about me now and then, and maybe on my birthday they will take a moment and look over this web site and think about all that took place in the past. We had a lot of fun, shed some tears, shared some laughter and in the end, life truly is too short and we worry about such worthless things. I think if everyone spent an hour a week trying to help someone else, society would be a much better place.

   I had a good run, and "Mike's Web Spot" has had a good run. All good things must end and sadly, that means both this site, and my life. Eventually this site will one day fall off the net, probably in enough time for folks to let me fall off of their minds. I understand it, and that is one reason I wanted to be buried at Arlington National Cemetery. Folks will honor that piece of land for many years to come, and people will visit it for decades and a small part of me wants to believe it is the best I can do, to be remembered longer than most. As if that matter in the ends anyway.

   So, let's make the most of it okay? Okay!

   The fight is real, and next time, it could be yours. Get into the damn fight! Stop sitting on the sidelines hoping you are not next. I'm angry my life is ending soon. I'm angry trying to spread the word, trying to raise awareness, trying to help find a cure. I don't want to die at 52 years old, but for decades many before me have died for the same reason.


   Cancer is not taking a coffee break. You have a 50-50 chance of being it's next victim. Do you feel lucky enough to not lift a finger to help find a cure?

Well? Do ya? Yossarian and Serrecko